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A Safe Travel Guide

By utilizing a safe travel guide when we are out to enjoy ourselves on vacation we are more likely to experience positive events which will affect how much we enjoy our stay. Travel can be expensive enough as it is without expensive mistakes which could be avoided, resulting in a dislike for your chosen location and its people. Situations like this can even escalate and it is not uncommon where people are reluctant to leave their room or even have to spend time in a Police station trying to explain the problem. Always use common sense if you want to travel safely, whether shopping in a local village or spending time on the beach, do not put yourself in a position where you could either be in danger or taken advantage of.

Safe Travel Guide Tips

People often neglect to trust their instincts in a situation which can lead them into unnecessary trouble. When you go out to discover new places, bars and restaurants, think about what you are taking with you; are all your credit cards, passport and airline tickets for example necessary where you are going? Expensive and necessary items like identification tickets for example should be left at the hotel in their safe or the room safe if you have one; it is much easier to recover your vacation if you only lose a few important belongings instead of all of them. One easy thing to do to protect your money is not carry all of it around at once or leave it in just one location where a thief can steal everything you have quite easily.

A follow on to this tip is to carry two separate credit cards instead of two from a joint account as this adds an extra security measure should one be stolen; this travel safely tip means this way you are not without a credit card. Some of the easiest possessions to steal are bags and cameras owing to the way people carry them without even recognizing that they are an easy target for thieves; ensure the straps are over the head and across the chest if you want to hold on to them. If you are the person carrying the camera or bag, then walk away fro the edge of the road where it is easy for motorcycle thieves to grab something and make a quick getaway. The reason most people fall for these tricks is because we are more relaxed on vacation and the people that carry out these crimes are very good at it.

We can become complacent believing it will not happen or we are cleverer than them but this is how they make their living and in many cases the way that they feed their family every day. If you carry a bag of any kind, buy yourself a small padlock or combination lock as the few dollars you spend will be well worth it as it will deter the majority of sneak thieves. Some people are always losing their keys which isn’t a good idea when you are on vacation so a quick remedy is to buy a D-shackle or similar and attach it your belt or backpack with the keys attached. Most guys (and some girls) will place their wallets in the back pocket of their jeans or shorts making them an easy target for pick pockets; so change your habit and place wallets in the front pockets or perhaps buy a bum bag or money belt. Generally speaking there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a great vacation if you just remember to travel safely, listen to your instincts and act using your common sense.

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